Brand Feature: Drake’s Scarves

Brand Feature: Drake’s Scarves

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You may have a few of Drake’s ties adding a splash of colour to your tie drawer but when the London haberdasher was founded in 1977, they specialized in scarves and shawls. While the ties and pockets squares that made them popular will always have a spot in our wardrobe, this season we’re coveting their perfectly printed scarves.

What makes these scarves special? Many of their prints are thoughtful adaptations of their archives; patterns and colours drawn from vintage swatches that result in designs that are simultaneously trendy and timeless. Drake’s patterns are brought to life with traditional dye and discharge methods; unlike inject printing, this process requires each colour to be printed one at a time. While it’s a longer process, it results in vibrant, rich prints.

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Image sourced from Drake’s Spring/Summer lookbook


Their scarves, made of Italian silk, are lightweight and add the perfect dash of colour under an overcoat or blazer. This season’s pops of mustards and reds look dramatic peeking out while more reserved blues and greens find personality with Drake’s eclectic prints.

While fashion rules are typically very prescriptive about the choice of scarves for formal attire, more casual outfits provide an opportunity to experiment with the texture and patterns of scarves. Items like sports coats and blazers pair well with bolder patterns while business tailoring can adopt a fresh twist with a silk or silk-and-wool scarf featuring refined patterns like polka dots, checks, and other creative patterns.


If it’s your first foray into adding scarves to your ensemble outside of a bitterly cold Alberta day, don’t fret – they’re a simple accessory to master! The easiest way to pull it off? The once over. This quick way to wear a scarf is as easy as it gets, simply hang it over your neck with the ends falling about equally; it’s ideal for adding a bit of colour with a heavier garment.

If you’re ready to spice it up, Drake recommends the crossover as an excellent choice to accompany tailored jackets and inconsistent weather. Hang the scarf over your neck with ends hanging equally, cross one end over and then bring it around the back, passing it through the loop to the front.



Their final suggestion, the twice around, is a surprisingly versatile option, while it is perfect for cold days where you’re seeking the warmth of pulling the whole scarf close to your neck, it can be equally sharp with a lightweight summer scarf. Simply hang the scarf over your neck with one end approximate a 12” lower, wrap the long end across your body and behind your neck, adjust so the ends are even, cross one end over the other and then bring it around the back and loop through, tying in front of the loop of the scarf closest to your neck.

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