Brand Feature: Daniel Wellington Watches

Brand Feature: Daniel Wellington Watches

Right About Now, It’s About That Time…

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All you wanted to do was check the time. You took a peek at your phone, then couldn’t help investigating your Facebook notifications. Your feed led you to your Instagram, which reminded you to text that girl you met last weekend. You figured you’d be proactive and email your boss that you were going to need the morning off after taking this girl on a date, which led you to look up the best new restaurants in the city. Next thing you knew, it was three hours later than your initial glance and you’re filling out a Buzzfeed quiz about what kind of pasta noodle you would be. All you wanted to do was check the time.

Sure, the gadgets we have on hand have given us a tremendous amount of accessibility; but all this convenience allows for so much distraction in even the simplest moments. The elegant simplicity of a Daniel Wellington watch will give you that moment’s pause from this perpetual state of connectivity. The minimalist timepieces, fitting for any occasion and complementary to any outfit, haven’t the capability of time travel, but they’ll at least help you dial back a little.

Face Time

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The classic, ironically timeless aesthetic of a Daniel Wellington timepiece is a sincere avoidance of overstimulation. You’re not adorning your wrist with a flashing screen that craves your constant attention. You’re strapping on a humble face that will show your own attention to detail.

The Classic series places its models’ 40mm dials in ultra-thin cases of either silver or rose gold. The round dials are refined and uncluttered, as each watch’s eggshell coloured hands tick around unnumbered hourly markers. The Classic Black series is the Classic Collection’s extension outside the boundaries of tradition. It takes the sophisticated, streamlined shapes of the Classics and sets them against a more modern black dial. The Dapper line’s 38mm faces have date display and deep blue hands pointing to Roman numerals also in ultra-thin cases of either silver or rose gold.

Get Strapped

Every Daniel Wellington watch face is specially designed for interchangeable straps so you can regularly change up your style. Their takes on the NATO strap (a strap popularized in the 70s by the British navy) are a variety of tastefully striped nylon bands available in colours fitting for any outfit with a link matching your watch face’s casing. Their leather offerings are all genuine leather timelessly styled with tonal stitching in a range from vintage-looking brown American leather to black Italian leather embossed with crocodile texture.
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Flick of The Wrist

In a time of seemingly inescapable interruptions, when instantly we can lose sight of a moment, looking at the reserved sophistication of a Daniel Wellington watch is a second’s calm in the face of chaos. Maneuvering you around distraction with its minimalism, it’s a strapping accessory fit for any occasion no matter the time or place. Uncluttered and uncomplicated,  because all you wanted to do is check the time.

By Froilan Santos, Contributing Writer

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