Can I freezer-wash my raw denim jeans?

Can I freezer-wash my raw denim jeans?

Denim in a freezer next to frozen foods
I recently bought a pair of raw denim jeans. I was told by the cashier to never put them in a washer and to instead freezer-wash them. Can you tell me how to freezer-wash my jeans, and does it work?

Never put your jeans through the wash? Freezer-wash them? Is this an urban myth, hipster advice, or the next great discovery in clothing preservation? Levi’s, in an attempt to reduce water waste, urged the public to wash jeans rarely, or to freezer-wash them instead. Although this process takes up a lot of freezer space and doesn’t remove stains, Levi’s claims it kills any living organisms and makes your jeans feel new again.

How to freezer-wash your jeans

Before you start, you’ll need three things: freezer space, large zip loc bags, and dirty jeans.

Step 1. Fold your dirty jeans neatly and place them in a large zip loc bag.

Step 2. Seal the bag and place it in a freezer.

Step 3. Remove the jeans after one week, ready to wear.

Does it work?

Scientists have debunked the myth that freezer-washing effectively kills living organisms. It’s admirable that Levi’s wants to reduce water waste, but unfortunately this method only leaves your jeans feeling crisp and new, not clean.


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