10 Edmonton Restaurants & Cafes That Will Give You the Most Authentic Taste of Italy

Edmonton Restaurant Cafe Italy Mr. Derks

10 Edmonton Restaurants & Cafes That Will Give You the Most Authentic Taste of Italy

Edmonton is famously known for its summer festivals, but our city also has an up-and-coming restaurant scene. Next time you’re in the mood for an authentic Italian meal, these local hotspots will give you a true taste of La Dolce Vita.


1. Caffé Sorrentino

Sorrentinos has five locations across the city, so you have no excuse not to check it out. They opened their very first location over 30 years ago in Castle Downs, Edmonton. At Caffé Sorrentino you can look forward to authentic Italian drinks and treats, such as cannolis and amazing tiramisu. They also have breakfast foods and alcoholic cocktails if you’re really feeling that brunch mimosa. Spend time with a colleague or friend in the calmness of this cafe on a sunny (or snowy) afternoon.

Caffe Sorrentino Taste of Italy Italian Food Mr. Derks

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2. Corso 32 

Corso 32, while small and chic in appearance, has a grand, flavour-packed menu. One of Mr. Derk’s personal favourites is their meatball appetizer; it’ll fill you up! Corso 32 has delicious pasta, wines, and, of course, bread. It also provides an authentic, romantic Italian experience, ideal for date night. Make sure to call ahead because their tables fill up fast.

Corso 32 Authentic Italian Food Mr. Derks

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Bar Bricco, a boisterous 30-seat Italian wine and spuntini bar, and Uccellino, a modern trattoria and stand-up bar that serves simple Italian food, are both situated next to Corso 32 and offer up dishes equally as divine.


Bar Bricco Taste of Italian Food Mr. Derks

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Uccellino Cafe Italian Food Edmonton Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: Uccellino

 3. Nello’s

If you’re craving genuine Italian pasta, but don’t want the regular marinara or alfredo sauces, Nello’s menu will satisfy your palette. With sauces seasoned to perfection, served on top of pastas, such as penne or gnocchi, and paired with chicken or veal, you can’t go wrong. Their servings are large and one of their dessert options is… Crème Brûlée! One of the few places in the city that serves this. 


Nello's Italian Pasta Restaurant Mr. Derks

Photo Credit: Nello’s Cucina Italiana

4. Chianti Café

Students rejoice! Chianti Café is located on the North side and on Whyte Ave. They serve a large menu of pastas, soups, desserts, and, best of all, they’re very affordable if you’re on a budget. Full, freshly made plates of pasta ranging from $12 to $17, and the flavour is still fantastic.

Chianti Cafe Italian Food Resturant Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: Chianti Whyte

5. SPK

The Sicilian Pasta Kitchen: one of the best pasta joints in Edmonton. This restaurant demonstrates fine dining and offers not just pasta, but pizza, steak, lamb, and many more luxurious choices. Originating in Edmonton, they have a location in downtown on Jasper Avenue and a larger location on the south side.

Sicilian Pasta Kitchen Italian Restaurant Mr. Derks

 Photo Credit: Sicilian Pasta Kitchen

6. Cibo Bistro


Cibo Bistro’s plates are beautifully presented and come with great taste and a light and positive atmosphere. Located in Oliver Square, this restaurant is excellent for dates, business meetings during the day, or a night out with friends. Cibo’s menu is very unique: choose from oxtail, lamb, pork-stuffed rabbit leg, duct breast, beans, and much more.

Cibo Cafe Italian Food Authentic Mr. Derk 

Photo Credit: Cibo Bistro

7. Violino

Violino, located in Glenora, is another exquisite fine dining Italian establishment. They have single plate options as well as full meal options where you pay one price and select three or four courses. Violino’s menu features a wide range of freshly made antipasto (appetizers), insalata (salad), pizza, sandwiches, and salads. They’re a great choice if you have a large party of guests. 

Violino Italian Food Edmonton Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: Violino

8. Allegro Italian Kitchen 

Allegro Italian Kitchen, established in 2002, has grown to be a community favourite because of its food and excellent customer service. A highly recommended dish is the salmon, which is positively reviewed on various consumer review websites. Allegro Italian Kitchen is located in downtown Edmonton, and it’s recommended you make reservations to make sure you have a table.

Allegro Italian Restaurant Edmonton Mr. Derks

Photo Credit: Allegro Italian Kitchen

9. Cafe Leva


Cafe Leva lies at the heart of Edmonton’s cafe culture and has long been a hidden gem of the university student population. With an upbeat atmosphere and a bright, airy space with floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll be smack in the middle of the beautiful Garneau streetscape. Known for its fine series of Italian coffees, Cafe Leva also serves an assortment of delicious sweet and savoury treats, including gelato.

Cafe Leva Italian Restaurant Edmonton Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: All Kinds of Lovely 

10. Spinelli Bar Italia

Last, but certainly not least, is Spinelli Bar Italia located inside the Italian Centre Shop in Little Italy and the west end of the city. The name pays homage to Frank Spinelli, the Italian Centre’s founder and the first man to ever serve lattés and cappuccinos in Edmonton. Bustling with warm (and sometimes loud) conversation, the classic bar serves delicious cakes, pastries, paninis, pizza and anything else you could hope to give you a true taste of Italy, like Italian-style coffee.

Spinelli Bar Italia Italian Cafe Edmonton Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: Italian Centre Shop


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