Professional attire maintenance tips

Professional attire maintenance tips


Don’t throw your suit jacket in the hamper after wearing it. Don’t wash your suit jacket after each wear. These tips may be obvious, but we’ve put together a list of key, not-so-obvious maintenance questions and answers that will help you prolong the life of your professional outfits.

How often should I send a suit or sport jacket to the cleaners?

Unless it’s stained, once or twice a year is enough. The more trips to the cleaner, the shorter the life of your clothing. So open your window and give your clothes a breath of fresh air. Your clothes will agree, it’s much better than a breath of chemicals. To add to the life of your clothing, keep the cleaning to a minimum.

What do I do when my pants or jackets are wrinkled?

There’s no need to call the cleaners just to deal with a few wrinkles. Steam is the answer! You can choose to have your cleaner steam and press or get yourself a portable steamer; they’re inexpensive and deliver magical results with minimum effort.

Should I keep the pockets of my suit or sport coat sewn closed?

Yes, to avoid the temptation of filling them with your techno toys and other paraphernalia. So leave your pockets all sewn up to avoid bulky pockets and shapeless jackets.

What do I do when I find some dusty lint spots on my jacket and there’s no lint brush to be found?

Don’t panic! Here is the solution: rub on the spots with the reverse side of the same fabric.

What’s the solution to wrinkles when I’m on the road without time for a cleaner or presser?

Take a shower. That’s right. Hang your jacket or pants in the steam and in ten to fifteen minutes, your wrinkles will disappear.

How do I prevent damage from moths in my closet?

Moths find the slightest stain irresistible. Be generous in the use with cedar repellents if you don’t want your sweaters to look like Swiss cheese.

Ironing your own shirts?

Always check the shirt’s fiber type and adjust the heat of your iron accordingly. If you don’t know the fiber, iron on a lower heat to avoid ruining the shirt, or only iron inside out, particularly those new dark colors and microfiber fabrics. Also never iron a dirty shirt – this will help stains settle. For detailed instructions, view our other post, the proper way to iron a dress shirt.

How often should I change my suit?

The ideal is one suit for every day of the week.

How do you store your clothes from one season to the next?

Store them clean in suit bags. Plastic is less preferred but acceptable. Keeping them stored and ready for the next season will make them last longer and look better.

How should I wash wool or cash cotton sweaters?

Hand wash, inside out with liquid soap (Woolite, Zero), then lay flat to dry. Iron lightly inside out if necessary. This is the secret to longer life for your garment.

Do you pull the tie knot down and slip the tie over your head after work as if you were a prisoner all day?

Wrong! In no time, you will break the stitching on the back and kill the tie. Just loosen the knot and untie the tie completely, then hang it away.

Do your pants wear out quickly in the crotch area?

To prevent this, your pants should be lined in this area when new and rechecked after three months. It would be better to wear out the lining than the fabric of your good pants.

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