Underwear 101: boxers or briefs?

Underwear 101: boxers or briefs?

Loose boxer shorts, tight boxer shorts or briefs – what is the best type of men’s underwear? Some prefer looser underwear often seen worn by low-pant-wearing rappers, while others prefer good-old-fashioned tighty whities. Personal preference plays an important role when determining the best type of underwear for men, but below we’ve listed the biggest benefit and downfall to each.

Benefit: Old-fashioned means practical. Unlike loose boxer shorts, briefs provide more support down below. If you’re sitting for long periods or playing sports, briefs will be more comfortable – they wrap your butt tightly and remain in place.

Downfall: As a kid, you may have thought old-fashioned Fruit of the Loom briefs were silly looking underwear, and now, well, you still think they’re silly looking.

Loose Boxer Shorts
Benefit: Loose boxer shorts are the most comfortable underwear to sleep in and they look good – most high-end brands have a line of loose boxers shorts.

Downfall: Providing poor support, loose boxer shorts are not recommended for long periods of sitting or physical activity/training. They don’t mold to your butt, and as a result, sometimes end up it – wedgie!

Tight Boxer Shorts
Benefit: Fashionable and comfortable, tight boxer shorts are becoming the underwear of choice for men across generations.

Downfall: Some brands fit better around the waist, and others around the thighs. Try several brands to determine the best fit for you. 

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