Essential grooming tips for a professional environment

Essential grooming tips for a professional environment

You were told to fake it till you make it, and now you’ve made it. You can’t fake a professional appearance, so it’s time to internalize these essential grooming tips and follow them.

Shoes. Start off on the right foot. Shoes should be so well maintained that they look like new.

Fragrance. Little and subtle, no invasion please.

Coat. Avoid wearing a down coat with a navy or black wool suit. The result would leave you either looking like you have a pet that sheds, or you have neglected to clean your suit for years.

Lint. It can be distracting and it will affect your professional image. Invest in a good clothes brush.

Jacket care. Jackets and travel don’t get along. Be gentle and let your jacket rest on a hanger or fold it with the lining to the outside. Long life to your jacket. Cheers!

Dandruff. Flakes sprinkled on your shoulders? Professional shampoos and conditioners will correct the problem.

Smokers. Air out your clothing after each wearing. Use a breath mint 20 minutes before business meetings. Non-smokers set the rules today.

Nails. Your hands play a large role in communication. Make sure your fingernails are clean and filed. Send the message that you pay attention to the details.

Body odors. If you are allergic to scented deodorant, use a hypoallergenic one (like Marcelle).

Chewing gum. Chewing and snapping gum is nerve wracking for those around you. Keep your chewing a personal habit, not a public one.

Hairstyle. Make sure your hairstyle is in harmony with your facial features and the image you want to project. A good hairdresser should be able to help.

Jewelry. Three pieces is the max, unless you are working in a creative field where dramatic individuality is almost expected. Use discretion, not flash.

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