All Bizz in Slim Blue Blazer

All Bizz in Slim Blue Blazer

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Sometimes we put together a complete outfit that excites us, and sometimes we put one together that REALLY excites us. This is one of those times – it’s a sharp, straightforward kit that isn’t too daring with colours or details because it doesn’t have to be. It sells itself, but it does so quietly. Lets take a look at it! 

Navy Blazer: Sand, ‘high blue check’ in Saffron Blue – comes with built in pocket square in navy + polka dot. Always ready to go!
The navy blazer is perhaps one of the most well-documented wardrobe staples and there’s good reason for that. Navy is one of those colours that goes with just about anything. 

Tie: Altea heart tie, navy & white
More navy–because why mess with a good thing? Keep that navy rolling. Plus the heart detailing may just win you a few brownie points with the ladies. 

_MG_9174 copy

Overcoat: Tombolini – Lightweight & Compactible 
The overcoat is the perfect companion piece for those sub-zero spring days that YEG is so known for. 

_MG_9236 copy

Pant: Gardeur, ‘Bardot’, modern fit,
We kept the fit of the pants slim and raised them up for a more modern look, but don’t hesitate to fit them to your liking. That’s why we have a dedicated tailor waiting on you!

Shoe: Ted Baker, ‘ Billay” lace up shoe
The Billay formal derby shoes by Ted Baker were an easy choice. When you’re going for simplicity & style, Ted Baker is your go-to brand. 

_MG_9254 copy

Shirt: Stenstroms Slimline
As the name suggests, Stenstroms Slimeline is the narrowest fit they have. 

IMG_2272 copy


The remainder of this outfit included:

Watch: Daniel Wellington, which we have an entire blog dedicated to HERE.

Socks: Happy Socks

Belt: Anderson

Glasses: Models own 


Last, we wanted to mention that it is our Red Seal Event series tomorrow! We’ll be providing you with free drinks, shaves, trims, cuts, shoeshines, and food! For more information, visit THIS link!

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