Sex Code. How to make a lasting impression.

Sex Code. How to make a lasting impression.

Clothes actually do a lot more for us than we think. What we wear and how we present ourselves changes the minds way of thinking. The way in which you present yourself while wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt is much different than if you were wearing a suit. Our mind adapts, and it is proven that all sexes feel more powerful when wearing formal attire. A suit gives a person a feeling that they look good, and mean business. It can instantly give you motivation and boost your confidence, and confidence is what people are looking for. Confidence allows onlookers the idea that you are clean, put together, and successful.

Our eyes and mind are drawn to colour’s and patterns within our surroundings. Appearance makes a difference, especially in this day and age with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has never been easier to follow what is happening within the menswear realm at this second. So whose opinion matters most? Well, of course, that of the onlooker. Let’s explore:


We all love people who look like they take care of themselves

Don’t be fooled if you don’t think someone is looking at your Instagram feed at this moment (Yes a lot of people do the pre-approval before). People are looking for someone who is clean, mature, and a little bit of style to go with the package. It is in our own nature that we judge on appearance first, before personality. We want to see a clean cut put together person with some personality and not too boring or plain. Grey and navy suits are popular colour’s within men’s suit today, and if you buy the right shade you will have the luxury of wearing it year round for many years to come. But to really stand out above the pack, a subtle pattern and a nice cleanly shaved face. A little extra thought goes a long way.

Picking the more risky suit over the plain. 

The etiquette experts might disagree, but thinking beyond men’s traditionally limited options is the perfect way to show your sartorial sensibilities. We’re not suggesting upstaging anyone, but there is no harm in bringing a little colour or pattern to any event you are attending. It’s a shift that’s catching on, too, with names such as Tiger of Sweden emboldening men everywhere to incorporate bold monochromatic checked suits into their life. “One man’s traditional is another man’s insane” “Having said that, most men have become more open to experimenting with colour, silhouettes and combining styles which previously wouldn’t have been worn together.”

It’s all about the details.

The socks, pocket square, watch, and tie. Details mean effort, details mean organized, details mean you care and details are loved. The generic blue, black or grey tie is great, don’t get us wrong. But what really makes you stand out from the pack is when someone sees you wear a tie with a beautiful design, such as one from Drake’s of London. Clothing to men should be considered to be an investment. If you are on a budget many cost effective brands exist in the marketplace that looks tasteful and are of quality. We suggest making sure you do your research to make sure the product you are buying will last you for years to come.

It is not all about the dollar signs.

 Without a little careful planning and consideration, attempting to stock a new-season wardrobe entirely from scratch is about as much fun as going to the doctor for a prostate exam. Especially when parting with significant amounts of cash. It is very easy to make a low price-point suit look like that of a luxury house. Simple things such as tailoring show that you have taken the time and effort. A majority of the time little things need to be altered as it is rare that one can walk out the door with a perfectly fitting garment. Simple things like making sure the shoulders sit properly, or the sleeves to the proper length on your wrists. Don’t be overwhelmed and think all people care about labels. The suit doesn’t need to have a name to carry weight. Lots of affordable options can be tailored to fit you can look like a million dollars.

Finding the right suit does not have to be a lot of work but it does take effort. All people want is for you to put in a little effort and show that you are able to look after yourself and you’ll always leave a lasting impression to the ones that really matter.

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