Japan Blue

Dark Indigo Circle Tapered 16.5 oz Cote d'Ivoire Selvedge Denim

$299.00 CAD


\\ Descriptions \\

The new pattern of the circle waistband, is a new design to create a comfort fit around the waist. This new pattern makes it easier to wear selvedge denim without compromising on comfort, long break in period and can be used in any lifestyle.

Cote d'Ivoire cotton is done by hand from cultivation to harvesting. This is cotton is flexible and adapts to the body as you wear it. If you wear a Cote d'Ivoire cotton, it is simply known as the original cotton that you can enjoy the texture that is close to hand-weaving. This is achieved by inserting the thread firmly and weaving the warp with ultra- low tension 

\\ Details \\

  • Natural discoloration
  • Cote d'Ivoire × Japanese flag color (Selvage)
  • 100% cote d'Ivoire Cotton


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