Charcoal Elephant Print Dress Sock

$27.00 CAD


Brianza is an area that extends from the rare beauty of Lake Como to the famous city of Milan – a worldwide reference for design and fashion. 

It was just after the First World War when Giuseppe Gatti started breeding silkworms in his attic and selling the cocoons to the spinning mills of Brianza. And it was just at this time that a family friend found him a job at a hosiery factory. The name of this dear friend, in dialect, was “Marculian” and it is in his honor that we have named our product line Marcoliani Milano. 

This was over 60 years ago and the legacy of this precious knowledge has since been passed down to his children, Erminia, Paolo, and Carlo, who have cherished it, creating a family business that has succeeded in combining rigorous expertise in craftsmanship with the most sophisticated technological knowledge.

Every Marcoliani Milano sock tells the story of a family, territory, and the passion of the people who made it possible.


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