Gran Sasso

Navy Crew Knit Weaved Sweater

$329.00 CAD


This lightweight Navy Seamless Crewneck Sweater is made of 100% Baumwolle Cotton, crafted in Austria. It features an innovative cross hatch knit and inside-out seams, providing superior comfort and stability. Enjoy a modern look and unbeatable comfort with this stylish crewneck.

Details & Care Instructions

  • Turn the garment inside out!
  • Always wash knitwear separately!
  • Use a large laundry bag to avoid possible damage from the washing machine!
  • Merino wool/cashmere/alpaca/merino stretch
  • Only wash cold on a wool cycle with liquid wool or cashmere detergent
  • Cotton/cotton stretch/linen/viscose
  • 30 ° - wash on delicate cycle with liquid detergent for delicates
  • Only short spin in the machine at low speed.
  • Never dry knitwear and jerseys in the dryer!
  • Then do not wring out the garment, but gently squeeze it out on a towel.
  • Put the garment into the right shape, if necessary stretch it into the right, original shape and let it dry lying on a towel.
  • Do not let the knitting dry on a clothesline or on the radiator!
  • After washing, jerseys can be dried on a suitable hanger!
  • Iron only on the wrong side of the fabric with steam and ideally without touching the fabric.
  • Of course, every Phil Petter garment can also be dry cleaned.


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