Pure Blue Japan


$449.00 CAD $224.50 CAD


  • 17.5oz. PBJ Original "Extra Slub" Black Selvedge denim
  • Unsanforized denim
  • Sulfur dyed
  • Relaxed tapered fit
  • 5 button fly
  • PBJ Original hardware (buttons & rivets)
  • Blue Selvedge ID
  • Black lambskin leather back patch
  • Black leaf Logo on back right pocket 

PBJ's latest “Extra Slub” series is back in black! Doubled down with an overdose of Slub texture, these are very close to the streaky "Rain" texture we have seen on the coveted AI Series Jeans.

The second installation of these insanely textured jeans combines the fan-favorite Relaxed Tapered silhouette with a sulfur dyed black version of the "EX" fabric. Sulfur dyeing any denim fabric is difficult to achieve due to effect it has on the texture of the cotton yarn compared to conventional indigo dye. Simply said, hats off to the Slub Masters for delivering on both the texture and color front without compromise. While the texture is mesmerizing in loomstate, the slub activation is real upon the first contact with water, and the intricate texture of the fabric really gets highlighted after once soaked. 

Like many of Pure Blue Japan's jeans, the fabric is of a low-tension shuttle loom, thus featuring the slubby feeling fabric common to Pure Blue Japan denim. The production of these jeans is constant throughout every year in several different batches because the production output of the fabric is very limited.


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