Get The Look: All black (almost) Err-thing

Get The Look: All black (almost) Err-thing

Looking for a brand new all-black everything weekend outfit? Or are you dying for that  blacked-out office wear with peeping collar look? In that case, we have just the look for you! Peep this outfit we put together to contrast the last dying breaths of YEGs winter white landscape. This is the All Black (almost) Err-thing look. It’s a simplistic, well-fitted look that utilizes details to really take the outfit to the next level. This is one outfit that can be worn in almost any situation.


From head to [not] toe, that’s an all black matted look. The toes, on the other hand, are covered by a pristine pair of Stalwart shoes (currently on sale!) which gives the almost all black look a nice contrasting finish. 


The jewelled details on this look were made possible by Vitaly Designs (once featured on Shark Tank!). Their collection offers unique yet clean and modern styles to freshen up your outfits. If you’re interested in more of their designs, we offer almost their full men’s collection here at Derks and you can see the full thing HERE.

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Sporting these classic titanium wayfarer sunglasses, you’ll be ready to party at the drop of a hat (or sunglasses). Did you notice? The arms on the glasses offer a discrete bottle opener using titanium material. Aside from that, they are polarized, scratch-resistant, and comes with a life-long manufacturer guarantee. 


The jeans are the classic NEUW denim slim fit in all black (obviously). 


10998315_815999491803633_1874755232811235415_n (1)

The Champion crewneck sweater is the perfect overgarment–or single piece–for our impending Spring weather. As the weather warms up, you’ll want a dependable, warm sweater to keep yourself warm–and more importantly, looking great.


Modern, sleek and oh-so dependable – The Filson dry duffle backpack. We promise you’ll be the only mountaineer or camper  looking this good while hiking up that mountain.



Peeking out from underneath the sweater is a collar of a Tiger of Sweden shirt. It sits in the closet, day-after-day, hoping it is chosen to be worn, and then alas, it is merely a collar! But even still, it looks great as a collar or otherwise. 

That’s it for this outfit! Keep an eye out for our next DerksMan coming up later this week! We’re featuring Singer / Songwriter Bryan Finlay! 

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