Mr. Derk-Approved Street Style Trends From Pitti Uomo & How to Recreate Them

Street Style Pitti Uomo Mr. Derk Menswear Trends

Mr. Derk-Approved Street Style Trends From Pitti Uomo & How to Recreate Them

Milan Fashion Week took place June 17 – 20 and Pitti Uomo, the largest menswear trade show in the world, was held in Florence June 11 – 13. So, it’s only fitting we comment on what we know best – men’s fashion. Specifically, men’s street style. 

Italy comes alive with the trends and styles of the year in the summer months. Models hit the runways in some of the biggest cities in the country to showcase the newest and best in fashion to eager spectators.

While the trends on stage are always on point, so are the men in the streets attending the shows, and we couldn’t help but admire their camera-ready street style.

Here are the Mr. Derk-approved top street style trends from Italy and all of the key pieces you need to recreate them:

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Casual, Yet Sophisticated 

Casual Menswear Pitti Uomo Street Style Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: GQ

Here at Mr. Derk, we aren’t just all work and no play. There is a time and a place for a three-piece suit, just like there is a time and a place to pair some traditional wardrobe pieces with something a little more casual. In the streets of Florence, we noticed this was done many times with items like a suit jacket and dress shirt paired with a more casual capri pant.

Who could blame them? The weather in Italia this time of year is hot. But, that didn’t stop these men from adding a scarf to their outfit. Now you can do the same: 


Drakes Linen Scarf Street Style Trends Mr. Derk

Scarf: Drake’s 


 Light Suits

Light Suit Trend Pitti Uomo Street Style Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: GQ 

This month Italian men were seen sporting light-coloured suits with colourful ties and a brown shoe to tie the look together in an effortless and stylish way.

Light Suit Mr. Derk Menswear Trends Pitti Uomo

Suit: Ring Jacket / Shirt:  Stenströms / Tie: Drake’s

And, of course, you can’t forget a pair of pristine brown shoes: 

Lloyd Brown Leather Shoes Mr. Derk

Shoes: Lloyd  



Briefcase Trend Pitti Uomo Street Style Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: GQ

What’s an outfit without the perfect accessory?

This year, briefcases were frequently seen accompanying many men to the runways, and we have to admit it complimented their outfits nicely.

Catch up on one of the year’s hottest trends. Snatch up your own briefcase below:

Tiger of Sweden Briefcase Mr. Derk Street Style

Briefcase: Tiger of Sweden


Tiger of Sweden Street Trends Briefcase Mr. Derk

Briefcase: Tiger of Sweden


Colourful Patterns

Colorful Pattern Shirt Street Trends Mr. Derk Pitti Uomo

Photo Credit: VOGUE

Italian men are no strangers to the benefits of colours and patterns in a sophisticated outfit. This year, spectators paired light jeans with bright patterned shirts.

Pitti Uomo Bright Pattern Swimwear Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: OBSERVER

Pitti Uomo even presented viewers with rows and rows of colourfully patterned swim trunks for Spring/Summer, 2018. This trend is all the rage for the 2018 fashion season.


Mr. Derk has you covered for a very bright Spring and Summer, 2018:

John Varvatos Pattern Shirt Mr. Derk Menswear

Shirt: John Varvatos

Blue Industry Menswear Street Style Mr. Derk Pitti Uomo

Shirt: Blue Industry

Plaid Jackets 

Plaid Jacket Pitti Uomo Street Wear Fashion Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: W

In April, plaid checks were named one of the key menswear prints and patterns of 2017. 

Why? This pattern, especially on a jacket, can be worn with a variety of different pieces, whether it be a matching piece or with a pair of solid pants.

The men of Florence and Milan took note of this up-and-coming trend, with many wearing a plaid jacket paired with other solid pieces. Va bene!

We’re no stranger to this trend at Mr. Derk: 

 Plaid Jacket Street Style Trends Mr. Derk Pitti Uomo

Jacket: Tagliatore / Shirt: Stenströms  / Belt: Anderson’s / Shoes: Lloyd

Mr. Derk Plaid Jacket Street Style Trend

Jacket: SAND / Pants: 34 Heritage / Belt: Anderson’s / Shoes: Lloyd



Hat Street Style Trend Pitti Uomo Mr. Derk

Photo Credit: W

Last but not least, hats were all the rage this June. Another perfect accessory to all the on-point outfits that made their way down the runways this summer.

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