Two Suits From Tiger of Sweden That’ll Make You Reconsider Your Wardrobe

Two Suits From Tiger of Sweden That’ll Make You Reconsider Your Wardrobe

Let’s be honest–there’s never a bad time (or place) to look fantastic in a suit. Whether it’s the end of summer or the beginning of spring, investing in a sharp, well-fitted suit will serve you well. 

If you’ve never bought a suit before, here’s the fit basics you’re going to want to hit: (graciously ‘acquired’ from FashionBeans): 

  • Shoulders – the suit should be hugging them, not tight in any way. Also, the pads should not be sticking out further than your own shoulders do.
  • Chest – here you should be able to button it with ease but with no more than a fists width between your shirt and the jacket.
  • Length – with your arms straight down by your sides you should be able to cup your fingers inside your suit jacket, if you can’t it’s too short, if you can but have lots of material in your hand then it’s too long! You should be able to see 3/4 to an inch of your shirt cuff out of the sleeves as well.
  • Trouser – these, ultimately, should be comfortable for you because you’ll be wearing them regularly but with a rise that isn’t too high or low below your hips and with little to no break of the trouser hem when they reach your shoes.

Now that you know what kind of fit you’re going to be going for, let’s take a look at two suits from Tiger of Sweden that we picked out showcasing staple colours and a perfect fit. Tiger of Sweden is a brand with over 100 years in the suit business. They make well-tailored, fashionable garments for the every day man. 

Outfit #1

Suit: Tiger of Sweden 

Shirt: Sand 

Pocket Square: Tino Cosma 

Tie: Tino Cosma 

Lapel Pin: Michael Kaye

For a more fashion forward look, we went with this navy blue suit from Tiger of Sweden. It’s sharp, light-weight, and modern. We took the suit to the next level but pairing it with smart details like our Michael Kaye lapel pin, orange pocket square, and a floral button up. The shoe pairing you would want to go with is likely a mohagany or tan pair. Click HERE for a great pair from Ted Baker.

lead image, outfit 8

Outfit #2

Suit: 3 piece grey Tiger of Sweden 

Shirt: Sand 

Belt: Anderson’s 

Shoes: Tiger of Sweden 

Pocket Square: Tino Cosma

One staple every man should have available in his closet is the light grey suit. It’s the single most versatile suit that you will own because of its neutral colouring. With this Tiger of Sweden suit, you’ll get a classic look that’s sharp, but not too out there. We chose to go with a more modern button up, but don’t hesitate to replace it with whatever button up fits your style. 

lead image, outfit 7


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