Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With The 2 In 1 Blazer

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With The 2 In 1 Blazer

We all know how fast the weather in Edmonton can change. It can go from a sunny, scorching, hot summer day to miserable, cold and rainy in a matter of minutes. That is simply the nature of the YEG climate and we have to come prepared, which is why having versatile pieces of clothing in your closet’s repertoire is incredibly valuable. 

Today’s versatile piece of clothing is a grey blazer by Tombolini. Tombolini is renowned for their time-honoured craftsmanship and their use of ultra-luxury fabrics like Vitale Barberis Canonico (which we wrote a blog about HERE.) Grey was the obvious colour choice for the blazer because having a middle-ground neutral colour adds to the versatility of the outfit. It is also the best well-rounded colour for a blazer that everyone should own at least one of. 

Outfit 1) Casual

The first outfit we went with was something casual, since the weather is on the upswing and we’re going to start seeing double digit positives soon. This is the kind of outfit you can wear to a business lunch on a patio while looking professional yet relaxed. The tee-shirt we picked out was a V-Neck from PYA Patrick Assaraf. It combines high-quality cotton with a touch of spandex and proudly touts that it “could be the most flattering tee you ever put on.”

Tee: PYA Patrick Assaraf 

Blazer: Grey Tombolini

Sunglasses: models own

Pant: Gardeur

_MG_9589 copy



Outfit 2) Dressy

Honestly, the only thing we changed between the two outfits is the tee-shirt, but you immediately get the feeling that we changed so much more. That’s because of the versatility of the blazer, which acts neutrally enough to simply reflect whatever you’re wearing underneath it. When it is a tee-shirt, you feel comfortable, relaxed, and casual. When you have a well-pressed and well-fitted button up like Stenstroms, you look sharp and ready to take over the world. 

Blazer: Grey Tombolini

Shirt: Stenstroms

Pant: Gardeur

Shoes: Tiger of Sweden ‘David’ Dress shoe 

Tie: Altea

_MG_9559 copy



Hopefully this short blog post will make you consider going for neutral colours and pieces that are more versatile and allow you to have the appearance of different outfits while re-using the same pieces. It’s a small and easy trick that most menswear veterans know, but it helps you  get the most mileage out of your clothing. 

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