Founded in 1899, Matchless is an iconic name that traditionally produced clothing alongside motorcycles. From the 1990s until Autumn 2013, London motorcycle brand Matchless was faceless, with no new motorcycles or apparel in production. In fall 2013, the Italian Malenotti brothers, famous for starting London clothing brand Belstaff, purchased the Matchless company and brought the name back to life with a line of high-end motorcycle apparel for men and women, and the promise of new Matchless motorcycles to follow.

The brothers launched the brand with an advertising campaign featuring Kate Moss, which immediately generated a buzz. And celebrities like Tom Cruise, Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper have been seen wearing Matchless leather jackets to premiere events, but does the collection live up to the hype? Heavyweight department stores like Bloomingdale’s are already on board, as well as 150 stores in 15 countries, Derks Menswear being one of them.

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