Gran Sasso

Crafting Timeless Elegance, Stitch by Stitch

From the humble roots of a small family venture, Maglificio Gran Sasso has blossomed into an iconic international label, rooted deeply in the authenticity of true Italian craftsmanship.

In 1952, the visionary Di Stefano brothers—Nello, Eraldo, Alceo, and Francesco—embarked on a journey in the quaint Italian village of Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, nestled between the regions of Marche and Abruzzo. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, their mission was to infuse their passion for knitwear with an essence of elegance and quality, giving birth to an effortlessly sophisticated style.

The 1970s witnessed resounding success both domestically and in global markets, solidifying Maglificio Gran Sasso's reputation as a consistent and revered international brand.

In 2002, a monumental project took shape—the design and construction of the splendid Maglificio Gran Sasso headquarters, spanning over 36,000 square meters. This architectural marvel seamlessly integrates production, storage, administration, showroom, and dining areas. Meticulously planned to prioritize spatial efficiency and employee well-being, it now hosts over 400 skilled professionals and cutting-edge machinery.

The turn of the millennium marked a pivotal phase in the company's evolution. Alongside the new headquarters in S. Egidio alla Vibrata, a specialized plant for cotton loom weaving emerged in Roseto degli Abruzzi, ingeniously repurposed from a furnace once dedicated to handmade brick production.

Today, Maglificio Gran Sasso stands tall as a leading force in the creation of both knitwear and casual attire. Impeccable quality is woven into the fabric of every garment, with masterful sartorial craftsmanship guiding each stage of production. Each piece is crafted by hand, making it an exclusive and distinctive creation.

With the integration of third-generation family members, the brand maintains a delicate equilibrium between tradition and innovation, a hallmark of Maglificio Gran Sasso's identity.

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