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Our name, Mr. Derk, embodies a story of over eighty years of passion for the textile and apparel industry.
At Mr. Derk, we believe in design, craftsmanship and personal style. We’re rooted in classic tailoring with the modern man in mind.

Our story started in 1939 by the hands of Stephen Derk – a true authority in the art of tailoring and patriarch of the Derk family. With more than 80 years of passion for the textile and apparel industry, we are passionate about what we sell and source unique, special, and high quality pieces from all over the world in addition to creating our own distinctive products.

Our goal is to help you develop your own personal style and build a wardrobe that truly expresses who you are.

Our Values

We’re rooted in classic tailoring with the modern man in mind.

Our Team

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Sterling Derk Mr. Derk

Sterling Derk

Born into the clothing industry, Sterling Derk has been surrounded by menswear and formalwear his whole life, getting to know constructions, fabrics, fits and classical tailoring from an early age. Keeping with Derks' tradition, he started working for the family business at age 13. He’s worked his way through the trenches, starting as a shoe cleaner at Derks Formals and now the owner of Mr. Derk.

As Sterling’s menswear knowledge continues to grow, so does his drive and commitment to provide quality clothing and current trends to men. Because our local market is often saturated with similar product, Sterling searches global marketplaces to find unique, quality clothing at an accessible price point. His refined taste and appreciation for quality and longevity allow Mr. Derk to provide the best products, service and advice to our customers.

Min Kim

Min has been with Mr. Derk since his first year of university and is continuing his passion in menswear. He came from the school of business and oversees the general operation and marketing.

Min strives to achieve a timeless look focusing around sartorialism and quality craftsmanship. He loves for the combination of classic textures and patterns to work cohesively with timeless classics.
Min Kim Mr. Derk
Dan Kushnir Mr. Derk

Dan Kushnir

Dan is the self proclaimed "old man" of the shop. A 35 year veteran of the industry and the definition of style itself. Dan has seen it all come, go and come back around. With the extensive knre in the perfect outfit you are looking for.

Dustin Cote

Dustin fell in love with the luxury men's wear game during his time opening and running a luxury men's wear company's Vancouver location. Working with everything from high end suits to jeans and graphic tees. In his off time he was running operations for an internationally shipping bike apparel/streetwear company and a sound company for live music venues.

Dustin enjoys the slimmer side of timeless suiting with the technical aspects for the active gentleman. Working for international brands such as Strellson!, Dustin has developed a taste for the energetic yet classic looks of fine men's wear.
Dustin Cote Mr. Derk
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