Innovating Tradition, Elevating Comfort

Founded by Luciano Bilancioni in 1979, Fly3 emerges from a heritage deeply rooted in craftsmanship and a passion for sailing. Drawing from his experience in his father's company, Luciano conceives a revolutionary water-repellent, superwash, and anti-pilling yarn. Collaborating with expert knitters, he modernizes age-old techniques to create an exceptional sailor-style knitwear collection.

1981 - Expanding Horizons

Introducing "Flytex," a groundbreaking waterproof and breathable fabric, Fly3 broadens its range. Upholding its signature commitment to quality, technical precision, and understated elegance, the brand expands its offerings to include jackets, shirts, trousers, and accessories.

1983 - Pioneering Excellence

Fly3 receives the prestigious I.W.S. Award from the Pure Virgin Wool Secretariat for its outstanding craftsmanship in superwash yarns. From this moment forward, every Fly3 piece, from sweaters to caps and shoes, becomes machine washable.

1985 - The Archetypes Unveiled

Launching the ARCHETIPI line, Fly3 introduces a collection of timeless pieces, retaining their original materials and handmade processes until 2008.

1989 - The Fusion Revolution

After a decade of producing exceptionally water-resistant wool, Fly3 pioneers the Fusion collection. By combining wool exteriors with cotton interiors, the company achieves a blend of comfort and style, eventually incorporating cashmere, cotton, bamboo, and hemp. The Fusion effect, achieved through dyeing, adds a unique touch.

Nurturing Heritage and Sustainability

In 1993, Fly3 prioritizes eco-friendliness by adopting natural materials for packaging and advocating for sea preservation. The collaboration with Zegna Baruffa in 1998 yields practical, lightweight, and functional sweaters, fusing cashmere with viscose.

Technological Advancements and Modernization

The 2000s witnessed Fly3's commitment to technological evolution. In 2007, the HI-TEX technology led to the Weatherly patent, resulting in lightweight, reversible, and seamless sweaters. The introduction of SOFTLY in 2008 marked a paradigm shift, producing sweaters with cashmere, cotton, and bamboo threads boasting superior breathability, antibacterial properties, UV-resistance, and unrivaled softness.

Innovating Beyond Boundaries

With the continuous development of HI-TEX technology, Fly3 reimagines its "archetypes" in 2012, creating lightweight, reversible, and seamless designs. The groundbreaking '2 shade' patent, realized in December 2016, sets Fly3 apart. This patent allows for the production of seamless, reversible, and bicolor sweaters, rendering each knit a unique masterpiece in the market.

Today and Beyond

Fly3's unwavering dedication to experimentation and research continues to define its philosophy. The relentless pursuit of excellence in the '2 shade' patent leads to the transformation and refinement of fibers and treatments, guaranteeing standards of quality that transcend the exclusivity of treatment alone.

Elevate Your Comfort, Elevate Your Style with Fly3.

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