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A Custom Experience

For those seeking a more detailed experience, Mr. Derk offers made-to-measure services in our tailored clothing. This includes suits, jackets, trousers, overcoats and dress shirts, as well as tuxedos and formalwear. Make an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Our Process

Unlike measurements and numbers, the garments we make are three-dimensional. The fit of clothing is actually greatly influenced by how it has been ironed and how it will be altered in the future. Comparing numbers on a chart will never be as useful as trying something on yourself. As we work with many tailors and artisans, we have a wide assortment of styles and fits so we can make the perfect garment for your needs and desires.

Finding the right fabric

Our job is to provide you with a refined number of options based on the purpose of your garment. We offer a curated selection of premium cottons, linens, and wools from some of the best mills in the world.

Your perfect size

A large part of our success comes from our attention to detail and patience while measuring. As a result of our years of experience, we have developed and honed a precise measurement process that includes body tape measuring, allowances, and in some cases, guide garments. In this way, a far more customized fit is achieved than with traditional made-to-measure methods.

Made to Measure

We use those measurements to create an ideal pattern just for you – in fact, we’ll keep it on file for simple reordering.


Using the pattern we have developed for you, our manufacturers meticulously assemble your garment and incorporate the details we have selected with you such as lining, buttons, trimming, and construction notes.

Triple Checked

Your finished garment is checked (and checked and checked) against the pattern and your measurements, first on the line, then at inspection, and then again in-house at Mr. Derk.

Your Perfect Fit

We fit the garment on you, cut, and trim the final details to ensure it is exactly what you want out of the piece. From there (we hope) you’ll love it and hang it in your closet... or, better yet, put it on right away.


Make an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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