Where Italian Craftsmanship Meets British Elegance

In 1968, Mario Giannini ignited a legacy of artisanal shoemaking in the heart of Italy's Marche region. His workshop, named Ducale, bespoke luxury for an aristocratic clientele, drawing inspiration from a history rich in art, craft, and trade fostered by medieval dukes. In 1973, Doucal was born, adopting an English-sounding name that echoed the aspirations of an Italian visionary who held British footwear craftsmanship in high regard.

Mario's pilgrimage to Northampton, the epicenter of British shoe-making, for a Goodyear workmanship project, was pivotal. There, he unraveled the secrets of various construction methods and absorbed the essence of the English style, a powerful influence on the European market in the Seventies. He returned, infusing his small workshop with the dedication and respect for work he witnessed in the factories of Great Britain.

Yet, Doucal's remains quintessentially Italian, embodying a unique blend of aesthetics, subtlety, and etherealness that defines Italian craftsmanship.

With the entry of his sons, the brand saw exponential growth. Mario's transformation of a modest workshop into a thriving Italian manufacturing industry laid the foundation for the next generation. Gianni, the creative force, honed Doucal's distinctive style as the image and product manager. Jerry, the financial and commercial director, brought strategic precision, grounding the brand in numbers.

Doucal's footwear now marries English aesthetics with a uniquely Italian fit, achieved through a footbed enriched with shape-memory foam, ensuring both coolness and comfort. This innovative design set Doucal's apart, capturing the admiration of emerging markets.

Today, Doucal's stands as a testament to heritage, artistry, and a harmonious fusion of Italian and British influences. Each pair of shoes reflects a legacy of craftsmanship and a commitment to quality, inviting you to step into a world where tradition meets modernity.

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