Gierre Milano

Crafting Elegance in Men's Accessories

Led by our second generation, Gierre Milano stands at the forefront of the global market for men's accessories. Our range, comprising scarves, ties, cravats, and boxer shorts, charts a course of innovation, weaving fresh narratives and adding distinctive value to the world of menswear.

At Gierre Milano, the journey from a client's inspiration to the final product is a symphony of creativity and craftsmanship. We conceive, develop, and manufacture exclusive lines of accessories, collaborating with renowned international brands to bring their visions to life. Our network, spanning Italy and beyond, ensures the widespread presence of the Gierre Milano brand in numerous retail outlets and multi-brand stores within the apparel sector. With original display units and inventive packaging, we leave an indelible mark, making Gierre Milano a name known and cherished worldwide.

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