Mr.Derk is proud to introduce Edwin USA: Pioneers in Denim Excellence Since 1947 to our flagship store!

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Edwin has been synonymous with authentic, innovative, and expertly crafted denim. Founder Tsunemi Yonehachi sparked a denim revolution by introducing vintage American jeans to postwar Japan, igniting a nationwide passion for this iconic fabric.

In 1961, Edwin unveiled the first made-in-Japan jeans in response to a surging demand. By the 1970s, Edwin had solidified its status as a denim trailblazer, revolutionizing wash techniques that would influence denim production worldwide. Innovations like ONE WASH and OLD WASH paved the way for contemporary denim treatments.

Today, Edwin remains at the forefront of Japanese denim production, leveraging exclusive fabrics, cutting-edge technologies, and precise finishing for unparalleled quality and fit. The relaunch of EDWIN USA brings forth a new era of denim, blending heritage with innovative sustainable manufacturing methods.

Experience the legacy of Edwin USA - where tradition meets progress in the world of denim.

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