Elevate Your Style with Dion Neckwear

For over five decades, Dion Neckwear Ltd. has been the cornerstone of sartorial elegance for well-dressed men. As a family-owned business based in Toronto, we take pride in providing neckwear and formal wear that embodies the quintessential Dion look and uncompromising quality, a legacy trusted by specialty North American retailers.

A Legacy of Elegance

Since our inception, Dion has been synonymous with refined style and impeccable craftsmanship. Each tie and piece of formal wear is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our designs have graced the wardrobes of discerning gentlemen, leaving an indelible mark on their sense of style.

Crafted with Precision, Designed for Distinction

Every Dion piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our ties are fashioned from the finest materials, ensuring a luxurious feel and a flawless drape. The distinct Dion look is characterized by timeless patterns and a sophistication that transcends fleeting trends.

A Trusted Partner for Retailers

Specialty North American retailers have come to rely on Dion for neckwear and formal wear that consistently meets the highest standards. We take pride in being a trusted partner, providing retailers with products that not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations.

Family Values, Timeless Style

As a family-owned business, we understand the value of tradition and the importance of creating products that stand the test of time. Our ties are more than accessories; they're an extension of your personality and a testament to your commitment to timeless style.

Experience the Dion Difference

Explore our curated collection of ties and formal wear, and discover the Dion difference for yourself. With Dion, you're not just wearing neckwear; you're making a statement about who you are.


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