Alberto Lanciotti

The Lancio shoe factory was founded in 1976 by Alberto Lanciotti who, from a young age, was attracted to the world of artisan footwear.

Through the knowledge of the art of master craftsmen and driven by a great passion, Alberto Lanciotti starts a small artisan workshop, assisted by his family and some close friends.

The Lancio shoe factory works closely with important luxury brands for sample development and production.

With strong commitment and thanks to his creativity, the company establish itself quickly on the Italian market and then gradually on European level and today to be recognised and appreciated among the best artisan producers of men's footwear, outstanding testimonial of 100% “Made in Italy”. 

After 40 years in footwear manufacturing is an important milestone for Lancio, for Alberto Lanciotti at the same time, it is a new beginning, a moment to reflect on past and future, tradition and new innovation and all come together in a single concept , excellence. Company’s vision is to lead in the major world markets, while respecting and preserving the founding values, on which Alberto Lanciotti started his company in 1976, today managed together by his sons Ivan and daughter Elisa. Craftsmanship, superior quality, attention to detail: these are the secrets of success.

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