Mr.Derk's Christmas Gift Guide


Men are notoriously difficult to shop for. There’s the husband who's already bought himself everything he wants. The boyfriend with mercurial tastes. The son who completely blanked and forgot to send you his wish list. The dad who insists that believe him, he’s quite happy with nothing at all, as if that's a viable option. Pains in the ass, the lot of them. But we've got a workaround, and it's on this list of  gift ideas for men.
All you have to do is pair the gift with the guy. An outdoors-ready boot sock for the man who prefers sleeping under the stars. A pair of retro sneakers for the man who owns more shoes than he does underwear. A sleek cardigan for the man who treasures his time with an instructional manual. The perfect pair of black jeans for those date nights that you need to savor. You get the picture. And because this man means a lot to you, you'll know the gift when you see it.
And you will feel so incredible when you give this gift—not like those other years with the Sad Socks or the Whiskey Stones—that you will remember what gift giving is supposed to feel like. From you, a king of good taste, to him, your absolute favorite. Without further ado, here are Mr.Derk's very best gift ideas for men.
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