Founded by Luca Gorini in Florence in 1982, Crossley has elevated knitwear through a commitment to upcycling and their use of high-quality materials. Luca's journey, starting in the textile-rich Prato, laid the foundation for a brand celebrated for its fabric excellence and timeless design.

At the heart of Crossley is their dedication to craftsmanship, utilizing premium yarns like pure cotton and cashmere. Crossley designs transcend trends, offering pieces that effortlessly integrate into any wardrobe, appealing to those who appreciate thoughtful, original style.

Mr.Derk is thrilled to introduce Crossley to our store and website. Experience the pinnacle of Italian knitwear with us, where every piece embodies sustainable luxury and enduring elegance. Elevate your style with Crossley’s distinguished and timeless designs, now available at Mr.Derk.

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