Elevating Movement, Nurturing Style

Since 1982, Gramicci has been the pioneer in crafting functional clothing for life in the great outdoors. Born in a garage in Ventura, California, our garments are designed to facilitate movement and have become beloved by diverse cultural movements worldwide.

Our journey began amidst the untamed spirit of 1970s California, with a collective of free-spirited rock-climbers known as the Stonemasters making their mark at Yosemite National Park. This new wave of climbers redefined the sport, emphasizing speed and style. To meet their demands, Mike Graham, a visionary Stonemaster, embarked on creating the first true climbing shorts.

Integrating a diamond-shaped gusset inspired by kung-fu trousers, Graham achieved unprecedented flexibility. Rugged canvas ensured durability in the toughest terrains, while an ingenious nylon webbing belt, reminiscent of backpack straps, allowed easy one-handed adjustments. Coupled with an elastic waistband for comfort, these shorts redefined climbing attire.

In 1982, Gramicci emerged, named after Graham's moniker during a daring Yosemite ascent. Word of the virtually indestructible G-Pants quickly spread, transcending the climbing community. By the mid-80s, surfers and skaters were seeking out these resilient pants, distinguished by the iconic hand-drawn 'running man' logo.

Tokyo's streets embraced Gramicci, and when it was time for the brand to find a new home, Japan was the natural choice. Over the years, Gramicci has continued to innovate while staying true to its original philosophy. Four decades since the first pair of Gramicci shorts was stitched in Mike Graham's garage, our mission endures—it's about durable, functional clothing, meticulously crafted with movement as the core principle.

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