Masons is an Italian clothing brand, founded in 1974 by Giorgio Martini who is still CEO and together with his sons, takes care of its performance and interests. The vision of the company is about a bundle between tradition and mindness of the future .

The luxury fashion brand, designed for an international scenario and very demanding with respect to quality, elegance and personality, is strongly linked to the Italian work of art and the preciousness its landscape.

Mason’s is not only the beauty of Italian Landscape but represents also the luxury of certain historical locations: Renaissance villas and art objects continuously inspire the search for an elegance beyond time.

In Mason's Luxury is an aesthetic experience in which art, design and innovation are combined, suggesting life in a new Concept Store: a pinch of irony and lightness, the classicism of a fresco, a plaster statue revisited in a modern key, through a lacquering, and of the design frames formed by mirrors, which transform the hanging items into works of art.

Since 2012 the company has opened up to the global market with the launch of the fashion online store, in order to do closer and more immediate connection between customers and company, allowing anyone to make purchases online, delivered directly to their homes. Over the years, the online store has seen growing exponentially, thanks to the way of expressing the Italian style in fashion and the corporate philosophy that has always guided it.


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