Floral Pattern Dress Shirt

$285.00 CAD


Discover the perfect fusion of elegance and vibrant style with the tailored fit Floral dress shirt from Xacus. Made from 100% cotton for unmatched comfort and breathability, this shirt features a captivating floral pattern in a palette of blue, purple, green, and cream. It's designed to bring a touch of sophistication and colour to your wardrobe..

This floral patterned dress shirt is not just an item of clothing, but a statement piece that showcases your impeccable taste and love for detailed craftsmanship.

Outfit Suggestion: Elevate your style by pairing this shirt with a deep navy suit for a harmonious blend of colours that accentuates the shirt's floral hues. Opt for a pair of dark brown oxford shoes for a classic finish. The shirt's lively pattern makes it a standout piece for weddings, sophisticated social gatherings, or any occasion where making a stylish impression is key. For a less formal yet equally chic look, wear it with dark denim jeans and a complementary sports coat in a solid colour, allowing the shirt to be the centrepiece of your outfit.

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