Teal Soft Construction Blazer

$969.00 CAD


Elevate your wardrobe with the epitome of Canadian craftsmanship and style – the new Teal Soft Construction blazer from Empire. Meticulously crafted in Canada using the finest materials, this exceptional piece showcases a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, setting new standards for sartorial elegance.

This Teal Soft Construction Blazer is a true testament to the artistry of Lanificio Di Pray fabrics, renowned for their impeccable quality and exquisite designs. This masterpiece is composed of a thoughtfully selected composition: 71% Wool, 25% Cotton, and 4% Cashmere. The result is a fabric that embraces you in a cocoon of softness, enveloping you in warmth while maintaining a lightweight and breathable feel.

Indulge your senses in the subtle interplay of hues – the Teal Soft Construction Blazer features hits of blues and purples gracefully interwoven with a rich teal base. This dynamic color palette mirrors the vibrant yet sophisticated essence of transitioning from summer to fall. Whether you're strolling through autumn streets or attending a cozy evening gathering, this blazer effortlessly complements your evolving style.

The soft construction of the Empire Blazer adds an extra layer of allure. Uniting comfort and sophistication, this tailored piece ensures you move with ease and grace, embracing every moment with confidence. Its versatility makes it the quintessential companion for your journey from the warmth of summer to the crisp embrace of fall.

Unveil your true style with the Teal Soft Construction Blazer – a celebration of Lanificio Di Pray's finest fabrics, an embodiment of expert craftsmanship, and a reflection of the seamless fusion of aesthetics and function. As you slip into this exceptional blazer, you're not just donning a garment; you're embracing a lifestyle, a story, and an experience unlike any other. Welcome the seasons with poise and panache – the Empire Blazer awaits to redefine your journey through fashion.

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