Grey Active Dress Shirt

$275.00 CAD


The fabrics in the Active line are in fact made from abandoned fishing nets, recovered from the sea beds, where they otherwise create desertification, killing thousands of marine animals every year.

Once recovered, the fishing nets are converted into polymers that are the basic composition of Econyl, a wholly recycled Nylon yarn, used to make multiple products, including Active shirts by Xacus. Once these shirts reach the end of their useful life, they are 100% recyclable, together with other plastics that can then be used to make new products. 

Created with exclusive Japanese technology and devised for a dynamic, metropolitan lifestyle, the Active-shirt is able to combine elegance with the very best in terms of practical wear.

Its polyamide, elastane yarn makes it fantastically breathable, with 3D stretch and excellent wicking performance, for comfy movement in any situation.

The polyamide fiber used for the Xacus Active shirt is the result of cutting-edge processes that help to save the environment and its resources. The production systems have been developed to reduce water waste and to take power from renewable sources in order to cut carbon emissions.


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