A Closer Look at Patrick Assaraf

A Closer Look at Patrick Assaraf

The best things in life are simple, less is more. This is the ethos of Patrick Assaraf founder and namesake of his own brand. His pursuit of simplicity and elegance is what drove Patrick to form PYA. He wanted to make something that men could return to time and time again in their wardrobe, luxurious basics that transcend the tides of fashion. In their founders career of +30 years he has continuously strived for the perfect silhouette, comfortable materials and timeless design. 

The Influence

Heavily influenced by Italian sportswear and European tailoring, PYA takes a simple relaxed approach to their clothing. When moving to Canada to marry his now wife Patrick learned that the North American man was not as experienced in tailoring and style as our European counterparts. He admired the casual nature of the classic rock denim, t-shirts and casual jackets but imagined this essence could be distilled further. Since the establishment of PYA he has been pioneering simple classic garments that can elevate any wardrobe with a strong focus on doing basics right.

The Material

When you're dealing in the game of classic timeless pieces, material and cut are everything. PYA uses soft and pliable pima cotton with a small percentage of spandex for added strength and comfort. Pima cotton is known for its extremely long fibers, incredibly smooth fabric and durability. These fibers of cotton are spun around each other many times to make the thread. The longer the fiber the more stretch it gives the thread. The spandex helps balance the material giving it more stretch and durability. It's a shirt that when put on you can immediately feel the difference!

The Collection

We carry PYA with the core collection. They really are what Patrick strived to make all those years ago. It pairs expertly with tailoring for a dress down casual Friday or just as well denim and sneakers for your days off. To be quite honest it's very hard to make this shirt look bad. Size up for more of a classic drape and keep true to size for a slimmer silhouette.

The number one thing about PYA is its durability and versatility. Investing in a proper t-shirt will pay you back tenfold. With its comfort, ease and adaptability.  

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