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AG is the epitome a top of the line, sustainable denim. AG Jeans was founded by Adriano Goldschmied known as the godfather of denim. Adriano was part of the creative team in many denim brands around the world, than he created  AG Jeans in the year 2000. What set AG apart from the other premium denim lines launched by Adriano were the innovative washing techniques, variety of fit, expert craftsmanship and timeless style. 

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AG is manufactured out of both Los Angeles and Mexico. Each facility has state of the art water filtration systems that recycle the waste water procured by factories. Also, purifying the recycled water and reusing them to create a more sustainable denim production model. AG has an industry leader in with its eco sustainable initiatives in denim production. Under normal circumstances, denim production produces over 300,000 gallons of waste water in a day. However, through AG’s commitment to working more sustainably, it has reduced their waste water to only 1,100 gallons a day that is mostly evaporated and recycled. 


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There is a very specific process that AG Jeans go through before you can have them in your hands. The fabrics are handpicked from finest Japanese mills. Japanese mills specialize in fabrics that are lightweight and rich in texture, and have a distinct dying process that gives each piece of denim a rich wash. Fabric is cut into a pattern that is left over night to shrink to the proper size. The sewing department then pieces the denim together, each person attends to specific area for both expertise and efficiency. Once this step is completed it is time to give each pair a signature look, for example a vintage wash & sanding. These are done freehand for a more authentic look. The denim then goes through a washing process, there is a specific formula used for every style in order to achieve the correct shade. The final step is adding finishing touches which will differ from style to style. For example, the Tellis, does not come with the signature AG pocket stitching for a clean and simple look. 


When speaking to Jordan Muns the Brand Manager for AG in Canada, he shared that when purchasing a pair of AG, you should take into account; “{AG} have the most authentic washes that hit all the right stress points which would normally take years to develop. This will give you the true authentic denim feel and look” accompanied by the quality of garment being unparalleled in the market place. 

Jordan recommended a style of AG Jeans to start off with would be the Tellis which not only happens to be the most popular fit in Canada but as well Jordan’s personal favorite. “This is a slim tapered leg opening with room in the thigh area. With the tapered bottom, the silhouette provides a streamlined tailored appearance”.


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AG denim always stay’s true to its signature styles while still being on top of up-and-coming denim trends. “Certain trends are moving away from the ultra-skinny jean look. Additionally, we see people really investing in their wardrobe and paying attention to the quality and detail”. Jordan as well shared that in the spring and summer season we should expect to see “a nice range of washes in various vintage aging. Our fabrics for this season stay true to authentic denim feel, while still maintaining a level of stretch for everyday comfort”


Mr. Derk has been carrying AG Jeans for multiple seasons and has seen great success with the brand, they are looking forward to be bringing in new styles of AG Jeans for the spring/summer.