Alden of New England

Alden of New England

Alden of New England, a shoe manufacturer with heritage, quality, and comfort for any man. Alden Shoe Company was founded in 1884 in Middleborough Massachusetts. Before the 1850’s, New England shoemaking was nothing more than skilled cobblers creating one pair of shoes at a time for clients. However, the revolution of machine stitching and technological advancement allowed for an explosive growth in the New England shoe manufacturing industry.

Edmonton Alden Shoes

Most of the companies who remained in New England could not compete in the demanding post-war economy. Yet Alden prospered by relying not on lower quality mass-markets but on high quality dress shoes, and excelling in specialties such as orthopedic and medical footwear. It was a period of growth and intensive development at Alden, especially in the design of comfortable, orthopedically correct lasts.

Alden 405’s

Specializing in orthotics the Indy Boot (choice of boot for Dr. Indiana Jones). Stylized with the commando sole for great traction in wet weather conditions and crafted from one of the finest quality leathers money can buy (we offer it in snuff suede, reverse chamois & rusticalf leather). The 405s are crafted with the Foot Balance System’s TruBalance Last which provides wide fit with wiggle room in the toe and the forefoot while providing a strong support throughout the shoe.

Alden Boots edmonton

This boot is considered to be an elevated work boot pairs perfectly with a good pair of rugged denim, cozy sweater and a wax jacket

For the TruBalance Last, please size ½ to a full size down from your regular dress shoe size.

Alden 975’s

The 975’s are an iconic pair of shoes from Alden. Creating a perfect pair from a genuine Horween Shell Cordovan. Shell cordovan refers to a specific leather from the hindquarters of a horse. Its known for its exclusivity, durability and longevity. Typically shoes made from the shell cordovan will last multiple life time with proper care. The 975's feature a double leather sole for long lasting and comfortable wear. The 975’s are crafted with the Barrie Last that fits the casual shoe category perfectly; with a rounded toe not too long, not to wide, but at a perfect length paired with a sleek waistline to elevate the profile of the shoe.

alden shoes

This shoe pairs perfectly with light grey trousers, blue button-up shirt, and classic soft constructed blazer.

For the Barrie Last please size ½ size down from your regular dress shoe size.

 Alden x Chromexcel Derbys

Crafted from Horween Tannery’s Chromexcel leather (CXL) we brought in two pair of the ever so versatile derby shoes in natural and brown. CXL is a lengthy process of curing and “cooking” the leather to correct and manage a slight variation that are spread throughout hide. Once the calf leather goes through the CXL process it becomes a rugged and stable leather that will develop unique patina over frequent wear. The derbies are crafted with the Barrie Last that fits the casual shoe category perfectly. 

Edmonton Alden Outfit

These shoes pair perfectly with a twill chinos, casual sweater and wool cardigan.

For the Barrie Last please size ½ size down from your regular dress shoe size.