Introducing Casa Del Sarto to Canada

Introducing Casa Del Sarto to Canada

Elegant Classic

Casa Del Sarto (House of the Cutters) is a tailor house created from the desire to create a modern yet timeless garments by their master tailor Kim Min Soo from Seoul, Korea. Their ready to wear (RTO) has been created with an elegant body silhouette with voluminous shoulders.

Their garments are created with beautifully perfected hand work in all aspects of their garment. They feature full canvas front which creates beautiful lapel roll and well tailored body even with soft construction.  


Modern Tradition

With the many tailored goods introducing extremely slim leg with a low rise trousers and short and slim jackets, Casa Del Sarto strived to move away from the trends to be a trailblazer. Having extra length in the jacket, wider lapels, fuller body and having a higher rise may be foreign but for anyone who is looking for a sartorial look, or as a menswear aficionados these are characteristics to be sought after. 

They create their garments using hand sewing skills to create the perfect garment. Hand sewing their garment is a difficult and time consuming procedure. However, in fine tailored goods there are specific traits that can be only achieved through hand sewing such as camicia shoulder, milanese buttonhole and beautifully rolling lapels. 

Unconstructed Beauty

Although their garments are created using very gentle and light construction methods, they are balance in a way where the garments has a very clean drape. This allows this suit to be functional as formal attire as well as your daily suit. 


Quality fabric with quality construction

For our Fall collection we are brought in the luxurious fabrics from Vitale Barberis Canonico (V.B.C.). With the prestigious fabric and perfected construction methods, it creates a well balanced and desirable garment. 


Our team at Mr. Derk worked closely with Sarto Kim Min Soo to create a new pattern that is balanced for the Canadians. They have well balanced chest and full shoulders for comfort and elegance.

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