What to Expect in a Custom Suit (Made-to-Measure)

What to Expect in a Custom Suit (Made-to-Measure)

What does Made to Measure really mean?

‘Made to Measure’ suit is produced from a existing suit pattern. This pattern is adjusted to your specific measurements in mind. A custom suit of this nature offers several options for customization including fabric, color, and fit.

At most menswear retailers, you will find ‘Ready-to-Wear’ or “Off-the-Rack” suits that have been produced in a factory. A ‘Bespoke Suit’ is produced without a base pattern or design and is built entirely around your measurements. This is for a particular client as you work with your tailor to create a new garment from ground up.

The cost of a suit that is completely customized is dependent on the materials used; however, the lion’s share of your investment will go to an extremely skilled tailor. Mr. Derk provides Made-To-Measure suiting for one simple reason: It is the perfect marriage between perfecting the fit and your financial investment. Clients will leave with a suit that is made to their measurements while not breaking the bank. Whether you are buying your first suit or adding to your collection, understanding what to look for in a made-to-measure garment is key.



First thing’s first, you’ll need to get your butt down to the store. Initially, we’d like to size your body type. Based on your measurements, we can distinguish what brand, fit and style will suit your needs and foremost your physique for the perfect fit. Styling options can vary from surgeon cuffs, unique linings, buttons, and monograms – the variations are endless.  

 Staff Tips: Before coming in, look though variety of mood boards to determine what style and color that interests you and have an open mind consider a few variations.

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Once the color has been determined, we will sort through and select two to three fabrics based on availability. From there, depending on brand, the suit will arrive within three to six weeks; the difference in shipment time is based on manufacturer location, distribution and fabric availability. When getting exactly what you want, the time spent finding it is the key. With made-to-measure, you visit one store with a set time-frame and get exactly what you want instead of hunting around though mounds of shops.


Staff Tips: You never know what will happen during the manufacturing process, or the shipping service. Although we usually can bring in the Made-to-Measure garment between 3 – 6 weeks, we recommend coming in at least 8 weeks before you need the suit.


Now, usually once we decided on the fabric and finish measuring we come down to how much it is going to be. It’s difficult to discuss the price of a made-to-measure suit since it really depends on construction. With more handwork will increase the price vigorously, unique detail work and styling features can increase the price as well. This can include adding a vest, silk linings, surgeon cuffs and/or canvas chest pieces and more. All these feature will determine the final price of the garment

To be more direct as to pricing, our Made-to-Measure suits at $1199 and average up to $1699 for most fabrics (limited edition fabrics excluded) we carry in-store.


Staff Tip: Make sure you know how much you are comfortable spending. Without a clear budget in mind it’s easy for anyone to be overwhelmed and exceed their budgets after adding on additional features.


Working with a knowledgeable retailer is the first step to getting a truly personalized suit. With over 80 years of experience, Mr. Derk has provided Edmontonians with finely tailored suits in every size, style, and budget.


Photo: Brenden Dervin