How to Prepare for your Wedding Day

How to Prepare for your Wedding Day

Ring?  Check.

Proposal?  Check.

She said yes?  Excellent.

Now that the ring and proposal are out of the way, here are some tips as you get ready for your wedding day.



Save the shave. Try not to shave the day before your wedding. Shave right before you plan to get dressed for the ceremony. You’ll be soft and smooth for your bride. Sorry to burst your bubble, but prickling her with stubble is asking for trouble!


Breath mints. Keep some in your pocket and you’ll have fresh breath all day long!


Balance. On the day of your wedding, eat a hearty breakfast and try to relax.


Be your best self. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol before you go pick up your bride. You want to smell and behave your best when arriving at her place.


Cologne not necessary. Perfume and flowers will fill the air so you don’t need to wear cologne. The clean smell of soap is all you need.


Checklist. Make sure you have these things before the wedding day:

  • -Polished shoes
  • -Shirt studs for tuxedo shirt
  • -Bowtie
  • -Cufflinks
  • -Socks (usually black)
  • -Tuxedo or suit
  • -Cummerbund/vest