How to prepare for your wedding consultation

How to prepare for your wedding consultation

1) Ladies First

We believe that is it also the grooms day too. But in the case of choosing suit styles, ladies come first! Having the bride's and the bridesmaid dresses selected makes it easier to select the groomsmen’s outfit so we can create a cohesive look. 

Book an Appointment

2) Book an Appointment

Our staff is trained to help you choose styles that best fit your wedding style. Although walk-in's are welcome we recommend to book an appoint to allow our team to better help you.


You can book your appointment here

Bride and Groom Only

3) Bride and Groom Only

We ask a bunch of questions to fully understand your whole vision for your big day. That’s why we recommend that the initial consultation is just with the bride and groom. Questions we ask are about the location, color palette, dress code, themed, day/night, and many more.

The more people at the appointment puts more pressure on you and something may get missed.
Bring Your Inspiration

4) Bring Inspiration

We LOVE seeing pictures from Pinterest, Instagram, the web, and magazines! It allows us to see the style that you are looking for so we can select ones we have to match your vision. Depending on what we have learned from our initial questions, we take the inspiration you show us to put the groom and groomsmen in the best style for your wedding.

Don't forget the swatches

5) Bring Swatches

It is possible to match your groom to yours and the bridesmaid dresses without showing him and ruining that first look moment. Most designers will include fabric swatches of their dresses or have a cutoff from your alterations. If you bring those swatches to your consultation, we can ensure that the correct colors are selected and that nobody will clash in photos!

Here at Mr. Derks, we pride ourselves on creating an easy and pleasant experience choosing your wedding outfit easy.

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