Gran Sasso

Black Purl Knit Rain Wool Crewneck Sweater

$389.00 CAD


Purl knit Rain wool crew neck sweater. This modern yarn is characterized by a water-repellent treatment that makes garments water resistant. The Teflon fabric protector applied by Zegna Baruffa Lana Borgosesia on this yarn adds an invisible barrier to each fiber. Through this treatment, garments can be considered highly water resistant in all conditions and, as a result, they are also fully protected against dust, dry soil and liquid substances, whether water- or oil-based. Teflon fabric protector increases stain resistance, protecting and preserving the original look, color, touch, feel, lightness and breathability of the fabric. Fibers that have been coated with Teflon are perfect to offer exceptional mechanical and color resistance, generating added value. A long-term solution to help garments maintain their original features longer, after being washed or dry-cleaned several times. 

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