Japan Blue

Dark Indigo Circle Tapered 12.5 oz Stretch Selvedge Denim

$259.00 CAD


Developed stretch denim that makes dyeing and weaving the same as method as a 100% cotton fabrics. Weak tension weave is used to create 3D unevenness on the fabric surface. Japan Blue gently weaves the tension of the warp with a texture close to hand weaving. Stretchy yarn is not suitable for old-fashioned power looms and requires skilled craftsmanship, and finished with a texture like 100% cotton and stretchy denim.


\\ Details \\

  • 12.5oz American cotton x Australian cotton
  • Stretch selvage
  • Rope dyeing, 100% pure indigo
  • Red ear (Selvic) ·Cotton 95% polyurethane 5%


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