Navy Acon Blazer

$769.00 CAD


New for SS 2024, the Navy Acon Blazer by Strellson - a masterpiece of modern tailoring and refined design. This blazer is an emblem of the Strellson commitment to premium quality and contemporary style, designed for the modern man who seeks both sophistication and functionality in his wardrobe.

    Outfit Idea: For an ensemble that exudes effortless sophistication, pair the Navy Acon Blazer by Strellson with a crisp, white Oxford shirt and tailored charcoal trousers. This classic combination lays the foundation for a multitude of occasions, from business meetings to upscale social gatherings. Add a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes to elevate the look further, and consider a matching leather belt to tie everything together seamlessly. Accessorize with a sleek, silver watch and a patterned pocket square for a pop of color and personality. Whether you're presenting in the boardroom or attending a weekend event, this outfit ensures you carry a sense of refinement and confidence.

    Experience the perfect blend of elegance and practicality with the Navy Acon Blazer by Strellson, and make a statement in every room you enter!

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