Gran Sasso

Navy Full Zip Tech Coat in Travel Wool

$639.00 CAD


Introducing the Navy Full Zip Tech Coat, a masterful blend of Gran Sasso's innovative Travel Wool technology and sleek Italian styling. This coat is meticulously crafted for the modern man who values both form and function in his wardrobe. Made from an extra-fine merino yarn known as Travel Wool, this jacket sets a new standard for travel-ready attire. It offers unparalleled convenience with its machine washable and tumble dry capabilities, combined with an eco-hydro treatment that repels stains, ensuring you look impeccable from departure to destination.

The dense and tight weave of the yarn enhances the jacket's durability, making it resistant to wear and pilling. These features make the Navy Full Zip Tech Coat an ideal companion for travel or navigating the demands of a busy lifestyle. Practicality is woven into every detail, from the double slider zip closure for easy adjustment to the external nylon front that adds a contemporary edge. Side welt pockets provide a convenient storage solution for essentials, making this coat as functional as it is fashionable.

Outfit Idea: Elevate your travel or everyday look by layering this Navy Full Zip Tech Coat over a crisp white button-down shirt, paired with slim-fit charcoal grey trousers and polished leather loafers. Accessorize with a sleek leather messenger bag for a sophisticated, ready-for-anything ensemble. This outfit is perfectly suited for business trips, casual office days, or weekend explorations, seamlessly blending practicality with Italian elegance.

The Navy Full Zip Tech Coat in Travel Wool by Gran Sasso is the epitome of high-performance luxury, designed to meet the needs of the contemporary gentleman with a taste for adventure and a penchant for style.

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