Samurai Jean

Indigo Makoto S710SXJ-SSG

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This limited edition from samurai is crafted using the brands exclusive 18oz "Makoto Denim" and all the iconography of the Japanese Shinsengumi (新選組).

Shinsengumi was a military police force in Japan in the Edo era, that was gathered to defend Kyoto against political opponents. They were drawn from the sword schools and were trained in martial arts. They became famous by the Ikedaya incident where thirty Shinsengumi suppressed a cell of twenty Chōshū revolutionaries, possibly preventing the burning of Kyoto. The incident made the squad more famous and led to soldiers enlisting in the squad. The uniform was best defined by the Maori, which was coloured asagi-iro (light blue).

These jeans are full of details inspired by this Select Brigade, such as the Shinsengumi zig-zag exclusive printed pocket lining, which imitates Shinsengumi's armband to identify their allies or not during the fierce battle, or the special edition natural cowhide leather patch. Other superb details include the iron-made sakura buttons (silver covered) or the light blue buttonholes and tricolour selvedge ID (red, white and light blue), which references the Shinsengumi uniform colour.

The Makoto (誠) fabric uses 100% premium cotton and white vertical slub yarns. It is a unique natural indigo fabric with a vast amount of slub and a beautiful hue of indigo shadows. It's one of the scrubbiest and most beautiful textiles we have ever seen (take a look at our close-up pictures of the fabric). It is highly irregular denim, both in terms of texture and colour. Thinner and thicker cotton threads run through each other, creating one of the most unique textures you will ever feel. Makoto (誠) means "Samurai do not change their minds."

The fat white vertical slub yarns look like heavy rain falling through a vibrant blue effect created by varying thickness of natural indigo warp yarns.

The cut is based on the old S710XX. It is a slim straight fit, which gives comfort in the top block and a relaxed, moderate taper through the legs with a mid-rise.

Samurai jeans have become a legend in the Japanese denim scene. Created in Osaka by Toru Nogami in 1997, Samurai represents the perfection of Japanese tradition, with its iconography of Sengoku-era Samurais and the search for the best and nothing but the best through materials, artisan garment-making techniques and unique detailing

    \\ Sizing \\

    28 70.6 24.9 26 90.6 17.2
    29 73 25.6 26.9 90.6 18.6
    30 75.4 26.2 27.6 90.6 19.1
    31 77.8 26.9 27.9 90.6 19.6
    32 80.1 27.6 28.8 90.6 20
    33 82.5 28.2 29.6 90.6 20.5
    34 84.9 28.8 30.3 90.6 20.9
    35 87.3 29.2 31.1 90.6 21.3
    36 89.7 29.6 31.5 90.6 21.6
    38 94.4 30.7 32.6 90.6 22.4
    40 99.2 31.8 33.8 90.6 23.4


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