Navy Hoverest Summer Blazer

$899.00 CAD


New for Summer, the Navy Hoverest Summer Blazer by Joop! - a quintessential piece designed for the modern man who navigates through summer with style and sophistication. This slim-fit, single-breasted blazer encapsulates the essence of summer elegance, making it a perfect addition to your wardrobe for the warmer months.

Outfit Idea: For a look that perfectly balances casual sophistication with summer vibes, pair the Navy Hoverest Summer Blazer with a light-colored linen shirt, beige chinos, and loafers. This ensemble strikes an ideal balance between relaxed and refined, making it perfect for summer weddings, garden parties, or evening cocktails by the marina. Accessorize with a simple leather watch and a pair of sunglasses to keep your style effortlessly cool. The floral lapel pin of the blazer adds a unique touch, showcasing your attention to detail and personal flair.

With the Navy Hoverest Summer Blazer by Joop!, step into summer with confidence and elegance, ready to make a lasting impression at any event.

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