Dehen 1920

Navy Submariner Coat

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It's not every day that a design comes along that feels like a song.  Where the notes are harmonious, the lyrics personal yet universal, with the singer's voice syncing effortlessly, resulting in a piece of work that feels new, but like it has always been.  Dare we say, such is the case with the Dehen 1920 Submariner Sweater Coat?!

The original Submariner Jacket, produced by the U.S. military in the pre-WWII era, immediately spoke to us given William L. Dehen's service as a Submariner in the U.S. Navy. In true Dehen form we have updated this historic garment, traditionally made in rough woven wool, by making it in our heavy-duty 4-end knit fabric. The result is a piece of triadic synthesis: made for today, steeped in history, and lasting well into the future.

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